Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Are you someone who has a theme for gift wrapping every holiday season? Or do you wait until the last minute to wrap gifts? Maybe you're the type of person who buys in bulk and everyone knows which gifts are yours because of the signature wrapping paper.

No matter what kind of gift wrapper you are, we can all appreciate a beautifully wrapped present.

We love to see creativity and thoughtfulness in gift wrapping, and we love to come up with DIY ways to make our gifts stand out.

This year, we were inspired by green tones, so we paired them with blush shades and added some gold and blush leopard print wrapping paper for a unique twist.

Teething Toys for Little Ones

There are so many beautiful teething toys available, and it can be nice to use particularly beautiful ones as a special gift for your little one. We love our Poppy & Clover flower teethers and think they would make a cute addition to a handmade lanyard or soother clip. If you prefer a more minimalistic look, our Hexagonal Wood Teethers make a lovely, elegant gift. Simply loop some ribbon around each side and secure it on the back of the gift box.

Accents and Custom Bows

Another option is to make your own bows and accents for your gifts. It's easy to find tutorials online, and making your own bows can add a personal touch to your presents. You can also add floral accents, like we did by using crochet beads to create a Christmas holly design. Just be sure not to glue silicone beads. Instead, string them onto a piece of wire or cording with knots to hold them in place.

Personalized Bead Name Tags

While this gift may require a bit more effort, it's always worth it for Christmas. We paired our adorable rocking horse wood teething toy with beech beads and wood alphabet beads to create a personalized gift for a baby or a nephew or niece who is teething.

Name tags are also a simple and fun way to make your gifts more unique. You can use alphabet beads to create a minimalist name tag, or add string and bead accents. The possibilities are endless, and making name tags can be a great way to add a personal touch to your gifts.

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